Thursday, December 27, 2007

Liquor Beer and Wine the flashing sign I see

The Northwest has always been a region with advance tastes for premium products. Oregon and Washington are quickly growing as a premium wine region soon to rival locations such as Napa or Burgundy. Portland has more breweries than any city in the world and not by "per capita", just more breweries. While premium and craft beer are seeing good growth through out the country to an almost 3% share, The Northwest has always been a place for great beer where there is close to a 30% share. That's a lot of good beer.

The new trend, and the Northwest is leading the way, Small Batch Distillers. Through Oregon, Washington, and Idaho, small distillers are popping up and creating small artisan American products. In Idaho, The Bardenay is billed as the the country's first distillery pub and Rogue has one in downtown Portland. Move from the pub and you have small distillers very passionate about what they are doing. Distillers like Clear Creek in Portland use traditional European techniques to produce wonderful brandies and House of Spirits who will soon be releasing a small batch whiskey.

We at Top Left urge you to try some of these small batch local products and ask your favorite bartender or your local store to start offering these selections. The Northwest led the way for the country in Beer and Wine, now let's do it in Spirits.

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Anonymous said...

Rogue makes a pretty fine rum. they bottle it as well so you can take it home with you

boose hound said...

there's a small distillery in oregon called crater lake. they make some damn fine vodka and the price is pretty good